Healing Pets From Heartworm Naturally

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How I discovered the Heartworm Hoax and healed my pet naturally

Healing Pets From Heartworm Naturally

By – Renee Richetto Grul – The Creative Cancer Killer


What if I told you the only FDA approved heartworm treatment for infected dogs is full of a cancer causing agent? What if I also told you there is a noninvasive natural treatment available for the treatment of heartworm, but is not recognized by the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, or suggested as a safe alternative by veterinarians? Not to mention this natural treatment it is a fraction of the cost and much safer?

Buyer beware…….of your veterinarian?


The treatment I refer to is for a positive heartworm infection which is different than the monthly heartworm prevention treatment. Several years ago I took our newly acquired roadside special canine “Itsie Bitsie” into a local vet for a well check and was devastated to learn she tested positive for heartworm. I knew this was a death sentence and in a panicked emotional state easily fell for what was the only successful treatment for heartworm – at least that is what I was told by the doctor.

A few days later back at the veterinarian’s office for the treatment consult the “doctor” strolled into the exam room, in his hands a small box with two vials. Slowly and deliberately he leaned over and theatrically informed me he thankfully had “just one last batch of heartworm medication left” as currently there was a nationwide shortage. The pharmaceutical company who produced this heartworm medication was shut down by the FDA for lack of quality.(1) Not much else was shared other than I realized how fortunate I was the doctor had just one dose left for Itsie. The cost of the medication was close to $1,000.00, and I knew that did not include additional medical costs for the potential side effects – both short and long term.

First a blood test was ordered to check Itsie’s liver and kidney functions and would take a couple days. This would ensure she was “healthy enough” to go through the chemotherapy type treatment killing off the parasites in her body. If not healthy enough, the heartworm treatment could kill the dog as the drug Immiticide is “an arsenic-containing compound used to kill immature and adult heartworms”(2), and arsenic, according to the American Cancer Society is well known to cause cancer(3). Several of our friends had dogs suffer through this horrific treatment and all said their pups were never the same, developing serious complications including cancer and all eventually passed on earlier than their designated time.

Once back home I decided to further educate myself in order to prepare for what was to come with the life threatening heartworm treatment. An article in the AJC on Aug. 26, 2011 further described the seriousness as to why the facility that manufactured the heartworm medication was shut down. Ben Venue made Immiticide (the brand name of melarsomine dihydrochloride) for Duluth, GA based Merial. Pharmaceuticals – including cancer drugs for humans– were also manufactured by this company(4).

Divine Internet Intervention…….

On a whim I decided to search online for a “natural heartworm cure” and even laughed at myself for bothering to look – thinking – “how on earth could there be a natural cure for heartworm and the doctor did not mention it?” To my amazement the site “Bandit’s Buddies” popped right up. (5) Robin Sockness – Founder of Bandit’s Buddies – rescued a dog, named him Bandit, and he was diagnosed with a major infestation of heartworms. Robin’s veterinarian was concerned Bandit was not healthy enough for the dangerous cancer causing heartworm treatment so the decision was made to try a natural remedy. Robin consulted with a holistic veterinarian and they developed a successful heartworm treatment using Nature’s Sunshine herbal products which consisted of an Artemisia combination, Black Walnut, CQ10, HSII, and Yucca.

Bandit’s Buddie’s site provided a further in depth look at how these suggested herbs would eliminate heartworm and heal the dog from the parasitic invasion naturally at the same time(6).

Artemisia Combination:

Two species of Artemisia – wormwood and mugwort contribute to a friendly environment for intestinal flora. Artemisia is used for antiparasitic qualities by creating a hostile environment for parasites.

Black Walnut:

Black Walnut is an astringent and its fame in folk medicine is due to its cleansing properties. It has been used to support the body’s defenses against parasites for centuries.


CoQ10 is known to regulate the use of oxygen in the body. Many studies suggest that Co-Q10 is beneficial in supporting the cardiovascular system.


HS II is a combination designed for support to the circulatory system, and contains hawthorn berries, capsicum and garlic.


Yucca contains large amounts of the steroid saponin which is great for inflammation.

These same herbal supplements were also recommended for the monthly heartworm prevention program.

I “heart” this cure…….

Robin and her veterinarian were able to successfully eliminate the heartworm parasites without the horrific short and long term side effects to Bandit. The testimonials of other canine parents only solidified my decision to try the natural treatment. Locating the nearest herbal shop carrying Nature’s Sunshine products, I was able to purchase the heartworm herbal supplements for under $70.00.

Excited to share this good news with the veterinarian I could barely contain myself – especially with this terrible nationwide shortage on heartworm medication in the United States. Monday morning the phone rang a few minutes after eight o’clock and it was the vet sharing the “good news” Itsie’s liver and kidney functions came back fully functional, she was ready for the arsenic heartworm treatment – could I please have her at their office by nine?

Happily I shared the fantastic news Itsie was already on her way to good health and briefly explained what I had discovered! Imagine my shock when the veterinarian started yelling at me, saying I was “nuts! mountain magic talkin” and “sounded like an appalachia folklorist from the back woods”. Unsuccessful in interjecting a word here or there to simply share where he could locate this unbelievable information, he shouted over me and within a minute hung up on me. Looking at the disconnected phone in my hand with disbelief I realized I had just been fired by our vet – and all because I chose to use a safe natural cure for heartworm rather than using the only FDA knowingly approved cancer causing treatment to poison my pet. The doc saw his house payment going down the drain.

After a few months of administering Bandit’s Buddies natural heartworm treatment, I took Itsie to a different veterinarian and the blood test revealed there was little to no heartworm activity. This information was of course forwarded on to the first veterinarian who had originally diagnosed my dog.

Shhhh don’t tell anybody, we just want your money, and to kill your dog……

The deception and condescending treatment by this veterinarian was yet another pivotal moment for my ever evolving distrust in western medicine and gave me courage to question the quality and true intentions of pharmaceutical companies. During my heartworm research the pieces started coming together as I noticed major pharmaceutical companies proudly supporting and sponsoring veterinary schools and the American Heartworm Association. (7) I knew I could no longer trust what the person in the white coat told me as it is far too obvious the ulterior motives that exist between the medicine man and the medicine maker. That I was alone responsible for conducting my own research and reserved the right to question and dispute those who say they wish to do no harm who in actuality were doing the most harm.


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Author Bio: Renee Richetto Grul – The Creative Cancer Killer

Renee is a retired marketing director turned natural cancer killer after discovering through her own creative means and research, baking soda was able to successfully eradicate cancer in a horse in 2014. She has been informed by veterinary professionals the cancer treatment is the first of its kind in the world. Sharing this life saving information for both animals and humans alike has become Renee’s personal ministry – to save pets and people from their veterinarians and physicians through enlightenment and education.

Renee is from the pristine northern woods of Wisconsin but currently resides in the Atlanta, GA area with her husband and menagerie of animals on their organic hobby farm. She loves to cook for others, is a diehard Green Bay Packers fan, and enjoys bareback trail riding.


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